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To better understand what legal credit repair is, it is helpful to understand a few types of illegal credit repair that companies frequently offer consumers:

Illegal: Changing your social security number to obtain a clean bill of credit. If any company should suggest this type of credit repair, report them to the authorities immediately.

Illegal: Disputing every item on your credit report, regardless of nature. The Fair Credit Reporting Act specifically states that only items that are unverifiable, inaccurate or misleading should be disputed. Items that are clearly yours and reflect your credit history should not be disputed.

Illegal: Charging for services that have not yet been completed. This is to protect the consumer from fraudulent companies that charge for services that never get completed (i.e. charging to "repair your credit", then doing no work.)

So, what exactly is Legal Credit Repair?

Legal Credit Repair consists of removing the negative items on a credit report using ethical, tested and true methods. The most common and effective methods are:

"Goodwill" Negotiation: Negotiating directly with creditors and asking them to "please" remove negative items from your credit reports is a viable method of credit repair for mild late-pay accounts. There are no laws that require that negative items stay on your reports for any amount of time, and creditors have the ability to simply remove these items if they see that it could somehow work to their benefit, even if that simply means a pleased customer.

Credit Item Dispute: The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to contact credit bureaus directly and dispute items on your credit reports. Just as in a court of law, you have the right to plead "not guilty" to negative information on your credit reports, and leave the burden of proof to the credit bureaus. You can dispute any and all items on your credit reports that you feel classify as inaccurate, unverifiable, or misleading. If the bureaus can not verify that the information on your reports is indeed correct, then those items must be deleted.

Below are some Credit Report Repair products and services examined by the American Legal Review that have helped many people:

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Lexington Law assisted clients in the removal of over 600,000 questionable negative items last year and helped participating "Concord-level" clients see an average of 8.6 removals by month 3 and 28.6 removals by month 12 from their combined credit reports.

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