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Divorce as a legal proceeding is typically classified under two categories: no-fault divorce or dissolition, where both spouses agree to the terms of their divorce and may be able to handle the dissolution proceedings themselves; and divorce actions, where the spouses elect to handle their divorce proceedings in a court room, with a judge presiding and divorce attorneys used to help settle the matter.

For dissolution, the married parties may wish to review the available legal software in an effort to "do it yourself". Both parties will have to agree 100% with the results of completing the forms, as both parties will have to sign the documents in front of a notary.

For divorce actions where there are unresolved marital issues, custody questions regarding minor children, large asset amounts that need to be split, etc., it is best to find a competent divorce attorney to negotiate on your behalf.

Below are some Dissolution legal products and services examined by the American Legal Review:

American Legal Review: Consumer Product Recommendation    My Divorce Papers


If you and your spouse are agreeable to the split of assets and other financial issues, then you can file for a Dissolution without the costly expense of a lawyer.

My Divorce Papers software and document service contains all of the background information, detailed instructions and legal forms necessary to prepare and file an uncontested divorce -- commonly known as a "No Fault Divorce" or a "Dissolution."

If both parties are completely agreeable and can work together to complete and file the forms with the court, then the services offered by My Divorce Papers makes the process as simple, clear and understandable as possible -- and much more affordable than both parties hiring their own attorneys and spending weeks in court.


Divorce and Dissolution Forms from Find Legal Forms offers the following Divorce and divorce-related legal forms and software:

Annulment Package
Appearance, Consent and Waiver

Child Support, Visitation and Custody
Child Support, Visitation and Custody with Child Support Past Due Notice
Child Support, Visitation and Custody

Divorce Petitions & Complaints
Divorce Petitions & Complaints/No Children
Divorce Petitions & Complaints/With Children
Domestic Relations Appearance
Final Judgment & Decree of Divorce
Financial Statement Kits

Marital Settlement Agreements
Marital Settlement Agreements/Parties With Children
Marital Settlement Agreements/Parties Without Children
Premarital Agreements
Property Division Worksheets Kits
Property Settlement Agreement
Separation Agreement
Testimony Worksheet

Complete Case Online Divorce & Dissolution Legal Documents™ provides the information that you need to settle your Dissolution case. A series of questions are provided about your family and legal situation. As you review at each question, the law is explained in simple terms so that you can avoid arguments that are simply based on misunderstanding the law. Once you finish answering the questions online, our system will complete all of the forms for you, with your information, so that you can print your professional personalized documents right from your own printer and then file them with the court. It usually takes about 45 minutes to complete the process and it costs $249. Allows for Dissolution and Divorce in any USA state, and creates the proper documents for couples with children or without.

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Law Depot Divorce and Dissolution Legal Document Service

Get complete dissolution documents, custom made for your region and recognized by government authorities. Easy to understand, plain English questions, riew results at any time, and get your documents right away with no waiting. Buy with confidence, as Law Depot's Dissolution documents are fully guaranteed. If you are unhappy with the results, we will do what we can to make things right.

BONUS: Free Separation Agreement! While waiting for your divorce to be completed, make use of our Separation Agreement to take care of important details in the interim.

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Divorce and Dissolution Forms from US Legal

US Legal Forms offer a comprehensive collection of divorce forms and papers. Single forms and packages contain the forms needed for specific matters. Guide and Forms Packages are available for divorce actions in all 50 States, and all forms are State Specific.

Available packages include:

- Uncontested No-Fault Agreed Divorce with No Children
- Uncontested No-Fault Agreed Divorce with Adult Children
- Uncontested No-Fault Agreed Divorce with Minor Children
- Uncontested No-Fault Divorce with Minor & Adult Children
- Separation Agreements
- Divorce Worksheets
- Other divorce forms and products.

Completion services are available for those persons who need help typing their forms. Free information and FAQ's are provided for all States.

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  Divorce Guides and Forms from Nolo Press

Nolo press offers a number of Divorce books, guides and legal forms for filing pro se No Fault Divorce:

A Judge's Guide to Divorce: Uncommon Advice From the Bench

Divorce & Money: Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce

Divorce Without Court: A Guide to Mediation & Collaborative Divorce

How to Do Your Own Divorce in California

Nolo's Essential Guide to Divorce

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