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An Advanced Health Care Directive (also called a Living Will) is an important legal document. It allows you to clearly spell out to your family and trusted friends EXACTLY the steps you want them to take -- and EXACTLY the steps you DO NOT want them to take -- should you become seriously ill, seriously injured, or incapacitated.

Some Advanced Healthcare Directives are better than others. In the past, Living Wills were often brief and did little more than discuss life support situations. Today, most states accept Advanced Healthcare Directives, which combine the effectiveness of a Living Will with the specificity of a Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney. Combining these documents covers nearly every situation, and allows the Principal (the person making the Living Will) to choose in advance who will make life and death healthcare decisions on his or her behalf.

Below are some Advanced Health Care Directive products and services examined by the American Legal Review:

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Advanced Health Care Directive Legal Forms Software by Standard Legal

Prepare in advance for a variety of health-emergency situations! Provide specific details and clear instructions about your health care to your friends and family with Standard Legal Software's Advanced Health Care Directives and Living Will program. This Advanced Healthcare Directive contains not only the Living Will documents, but also a Health Care Power of Attorney document and a Durable Property Power of Attorney document! A great value in one easy-to-use package! Choose the most comprehensive Living Will package available -- direct from Standard Legal.

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Find Legal Forms Healthcare Directives and Living Will

Create a Living Will at Find Legal Forms. State-specific legal documents.

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Living Will Healthcare Directives from Socrates Legal Forms

Express your choice of when to discontinue treatment and life support and who should make that decision for you if you're permanently incapacitated. Includes instructional guide and 14 forms.

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