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A Living Trust allows you to legally decide two important issues regarding your wealth: how you want your assets and property managed while you are alive, and how you want your assets and property distributed after your death.

There are three main types of Living Trusts: a Joint Living Trust, a Single Living Trust or an A/B Living Trust. These types of asset management structures can provide for the distribution of property upon your death, just like a Will. But a Living Trust is more effective in many ways: a Will only takes effect upon death, while a Revocable Living Trust provides the same ability to determine asset distribution upon death AND provides a tool for protecting and managing property and assets during your lifetime!

Below are some Living Trust products and services examined by the American Legal Review:

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Living Trust Software from Standard Legal

Plan your estate with this comprehensive Living Trust software! For years, financial planners and attorneys have used Living Trusts as a way to ensure that property is protected and passed on from one generation to the next. A Revocable Living Trust provides a safe and legal way to manage your assets -- both during your lifetime and upon your death. And since the software includes all of the fill-in-the-blank legal forms and detailed instructions necessary to create either a Joint Trust, a Single Trust or an A/B Trust, the Living Trust software from Standard Legal is a great value in one easy-to-use package!

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Living Trust Documents from Find Legal Forms offers a variety of state-specific Living Trust options:

Living Trust Kits for Married Couples
Living Trust Kits for Single Persons or Individual Spouse
Living Trust Amendment
Living Trust Revocation

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U.S. Legal Forms Trust Documents

A living trust form is used to prepare your estate. A living trust is a trust established during a person's lifetime in which a person's assets and property are placed within the trust, usually for the purpose of estate planning. The trust then owns and manages the property held by the trust through a trustee for the benefit of the named beneficiary, usually the creator of the trust (settlor).

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