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Regardless if your company has just a few employees or tens of thousands, every business needs to protect itself with certain legal safeguards. Publishing an Employee Handbook and providing all employees with contracts and other standardized employee legal forms can protect the business owner from inappropriate employee claims and demands. Further, employee handbooks set forth each employee's duties, obligations and work expectations, give clear employment guidelines to those that you or your company employ, and prevent unwarranted claims and litigation while .

Employment law issues tend to be unique and can vary from state to state and situation to situation; it is critical that industry-specific issues and state codes be examined and planned for.

Below are some Employee Handbook products and services examined by the American Legal Review:

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Employee Handbook and HR Legal Forms Software by Standard Legal

Standard Legal's Employee Handbook and HR Legal Forms software package contains a comprehensive Employee Handbook that is easily customizable and ready-to-publish, and series of employee-related legal forms, contracts, agreements and posters.

A fully developed Employee Handbook template and step-by-step instructions allows a business owner or manager to prepare a thorough and concise legal document. This Employee Handbook sets forth the rules, regulations and guidelines that most employers need to publish and distribute to their employees, as these rules cover the most common situations and scenarios that affect the everyday workplace. Further, this Employee Handbook is easily customizable so as to ensure that the tailoring and publishing of your Employee Handbook is as easy as possible - if there is a topic that you don't desire to be a company policy, simply delete it. Once you provide the Employee Handbook to your employees and place the signed employee acknowledgement form in the employee's personnel file, there can be no dispute over whether the employee was given the company's guidelines and policies - there is signed proof that the guidelines and policies have been distributed and the employee has seen and read the Handbook.

A number of critical Human Resources legal forms are also provided with the Employee Handbook, to provide access to all baseline employee documents.

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Find Legal Forms Employment Law Forms

Find Legal Forms offers a comprehensive collection of HR Legal Forms and Employee Law forms, including Employee Handbooks. Visit for details.

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Envision SBS
Business in a Box - envisionSBS

Envision Business in a Box Software
          Envision SBS

Business-in-a-Box Employee Handbook and Business Legal Forms

Business-in-a-Box is the most comprehensive library of business document templates available today. Bringing together the expertise of management consultants and lawyers, and the efficiency of an executive secretary, Business-in-a-Box is the solution you need to facilitate document writing. Save valuable time, money and effort, and start concentrating on the core activities that impact your bottom line!

Includes over 1,250 essential business letters, contracts, board resolutions, plans, checklists, policies and spreadsheets!


* Write a complete employee handbook effortlessly
* Hire/fire employees
* Hire a contractor/consultant
* Write detailed company policies and procedures
* Prepare professional job descriptions
* Conduct personnel evaluations
* Manage your workforce
* Sign confidentiality agreements with employees/candidates

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US Legal Forms

US Legal Forms - Employee Handbook and Employment Forms

U. S. Legal Forms, Inc. provides a comprehensive listing of employment forms and contracts forms for all your employment needs, including employment agreements, policies, notices, manuals, handbooks and warnings, as well as many various contracts for employment matters. Many free forms are not valid. We provide attorneys and you with the correct valid form. Free Previews available. All forms are available in Word format.

LEARN MORE about US Legal Forms Employee Handbooks has a library of personnel forms, employment agreements, employee performance reviews, management contracts, termination letters, offers of employment, letters of reference, human resources development guides & checklists, and more.

Buy & download a wide variety of forms for Personnel and HR Departments relating to hiring, firing, ongoing evaluation, staff training and support.

For more related documents, check out Independent Contractor Forms, Workplace Policy Forms and Employees & Contractors. Do it yourself, save time and money.

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Find a Qualified Attorney at Legal Match

Find a Qualified Attorney to Create an Employee Handbook: Legal Match

Creating Employee Manuals and Employee Handbooks can be a complicated legal process. There are often a significant number of legal forms to prepare and file. If you come to the decision that you cannot handle the paperwork and required legal filings, then you need to find the best local attorney you can to help you.

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