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Many business professionals believe LLCs present an attractive alternative to corporations and partnerships because LLCs combine many of the advantages of both: with an LLC, the members can have the corporate-like liability protection for their personal assets from business debt, while also enjoying the tax advantages of partnerships or "S" Corporations (i.e. elimination of dual taxation). The LLC has been compared to an "S" Corporation without the IRS' restrictions. LLC's allow for pass-through taxation (similar to that of partnerships and S Corporations).

An LLC is a business structure recognized by all 50 states and Washington, D.C. An LLC is a separate legal entity (as is a corporation). For money, property, expertise or "sweat equity" invested into the company, the LLC issues certificates or units that indicate the particular investor's percentage of ownership in the business (compare to a corporation that issues shares of stock to its shareholders).

Some advantages of forming a Limited Liability Company are:
- Provides protection of personal assets from business debts and other obligations;
- Profits/losses pass through to personal income tax returns of the members;
- Provides great flexibility in management and organization of the business;
- LLCs do not have the ownership restrictions of S Corporations, making them ideal business structures for "non-traditional" investors.

Some disadvantages of forming a Limited Liability Company are:
- LLCs often have a limited life (not to exceed 30 years in some states)
- The state of Massachussetts requires at least two members to form an LLC (whereas all corporations can have one shareholder);
- LLCs are not corporations and therefore do not have stock, thereby creating some difficulty in both the transfer of ownership of the company and/or the distribution of benefits.

Below are some Limited Liability Company LLC products and services examined by the American Legal Review:

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The Standard Legal Software LLC program includes the Articles of Organization and all of the other state-specific forms and up-to-date instructions required to create a Limited Liability Company. The program also includes three different types of Operating Agreements that allow the members of the LLC to clearly define the roles of each investor/member in managing and operating the business, and how profits will be disbursed. The software also includes a LLC Unit Certificate template that can be completed and provided to each member of the LLC, showing the number of "units" (like shares) that are held by that member.

In addition to the required forms and instructions, a detailed examination of a variety of business structures is provided, so that the members creating the LLC can make certain that an LLC structure is the best for their business situation.


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Business Licenses

Business Licenses

Business Licenses

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After you've registered your company as either a Partnership, Corporation or LLC, the next business issue to tackle is this: does my city, county or state require my business to have a license to operate?

Here's the easy way to find that answer: search the Business Licenses database.


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